Hunufa Compostable: Vietnam’s top eco-friendly products

Hunufa Compostable is a brand of Hunufa Vietnam Co., Ltd., a company specializing in the production and supply of eco-friendly products in Vietnam.

The establishment of Hunufa Compostable is a strategic move by Hunufa Vietnam to meet the growing demand of the market for environmentally friendly products. With the experience and reputation of Hunufa Vietnam, Hunufa Compostable has quickly grown to become one of the leading brands ofeco-friendly products in Vietnam.

Hunufa Compostable is committed to providing high-quality, environmentally friendly products that meet the needs of all customers. With the mission of providing high-quality, environmentally friendly products, Hunufa Compostable is contributing to protecting the environment and building a more sustainable future.

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Hunufa Compostable Products

Plastic waste is becoming an urgent global issue. According to the United Nations, about 8 million tons of plastic waste are dumped into the oceans each year. Plastic waste pollutes the environment, threatens human health and marine life.

To reduce plastic waste, there is a need to replace single-use plastic products with more environmentally friendly products. Eco-friendly products are one of the effective solutions.

Hunufa Compostable products are made from natural, easily friendly materials such as wood, paper, PLA plastics, bamboo, etc. These materials are processed using modern technology to ensure that they do not contain harmful substances that affect the environment and human health.

Our products are 100% made from safe and environmentally friendly materials, follow certifications and standards:

  • International European EN13432 certification for biodegradability, awarded by TUV AUSTRIA (TUV).
  • OK Compost Home certification, awarded by TÜV Austria.
  • Full Compostable Material (OK Compost INDUSTRIAL) certification.
  • DIN Certco Compostable and Biobased 50 – 85% certificates from Germany.
  • ASTM D6400 standard from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).
  • Products are tested for quality at QUATEST 3.
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Our Partners

Hunufa Compostable is currently a partner of many major brands in Vietnam, including: Lotte, Coca Cola, Highlands Coffee, Phuc Long, CGV, Bamboo Airways, etc.


Hunufa Compostable is committed to providing high-quality Eco-friendly products with the motto “Convenient for life, environmentally friendly and safe for health” to its users. With its outstanding advantages, Hunufa Compostable products are increasingly being chosen by consumers and businesses.

With our efforts, we hope to contribute to protecting the environment, reducing plastic waste, and moving towards a green and sustainable world.

Hunufa Compostable: Vietnam’s top eco-friendly products